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Library Media Clerk: Mrs Barbara Oliver

Hours: 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. T - W - Th - F
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Wonder of Reading Library!
On September 28, 2001, we opened the Wonder of Reading Library! It is a state-of-the-art facility and is designed to be the hub of the school in an effort to promote literacy and support the instructional program for students at Vejar. All students visit the
school library on a weekly basis to check out books for independent reading and for use with class projects.

M.I.N.D Institute
Vejar Elementary School is proud to host our own M.I.N.D Institute. MIND’s unique math education process engages the learner’s spatial temporal reasoning abilities to explain, understand, and solve multi-step problems. Some of the benefits of the M.I.N.D program are:
  • Innovative visual approach teaches math concepts
  • Comprehensive courseware aligns to state standards
  • Increases state standardized test scores for students, classes, and schools
  • Game metaphor engages students who have struggled with conventional approaches in math and learning
  • Language-independent software lessons reduce the language barrier to learning math
  • RAMP™ instructional design reaches students at every level of academic proficiency
  • Innovative games train students in multi-step problem-solving
  • Self-paced courseware makes teaching easier and more productive